Here Are Three Lunch Spots In The City Of Richardson TX

Located in both Dallas County and Collin County, Richardson TX is a major force in the telecommunications field. Perhaps you are moving there to take on a new job in that industry. Or maybe you are just passing through the The Telecom Corridor. Richardson is also a major hub in the insurance industry. Let’s say you are in the city for whatever reason and need to take a break and grab a good lunch. The following establishments are three good spots for lunch that you might enjoy.

Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill is one of them. Now, you may have had fried zucchini, but have you had stuffed zucchini? You can order up stuffed zucchini at Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill, as well as baklava, a gyro plate, hummus, kabobs and more. In fact, the restaurant features a buffet, so you can have quite a lunch experience with a variety of foods. The establishment is located off of the North Central Expressway.

Mena’s Grill is a favorite for lunch in Richardson TX, too, and it is on North Greenville Avenue. You can enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine there, and you can order up a steak, too. Ribeye is on the menu, and this restaurant also features healthy menu options. In fact, the ‘Healthy Plate’ is something you can order.

Cafe Max on Alma Road is also a nice place to have lunch. This restaurant features great salads, sandwiches, seafood and more. If you want a nice dessert for lunch, Cafe Max has some nice pies and cakes to choose from.

Those three picks for lunch in Richardson TX will do you right. There are also some great barbecue restaurants of course. It is Texas after all. Pick you a spot based on what you crave, and refuel with lunch so you can get back out there.