Here Are Three Restaurant Choices For Your Trip To Richardson TX

Richardson TX may be a suburb of Dallas, but it’s a metropolis of a city, too. It’s population is just a smidge over 100,000 according to the last census, and would you like to guess how many restaurants are there? There are 340+ restaurants in Richardson, Texas, and I’m going to give you three of them as hints regarding where to go during your visit.

Haystack Burgers & Barley is one of the top restaurants in Richardson, and the burgers and fries look absolutely mouthwatering. Located on South Central Expressway, this place serves up haystacks of onion rings, too. Plus, you can can order up a patty melt. Patty melts are always good, don’t you think? As a matter of fact, a patty melt and a haystack of onion rings sounds great, and so does the more traditional burger and fries.

Spring Creek Barbecue is another popular establishment in the city of Richardson TX. Located on the North Central Expressway, it is known for pulled pork, hot rolls, cake and ice cream, cobbler, sausage, ribs and much more. If you could fit all of that on one plate, that would be my order. It is hard to choose when it comes to barbecue, and those desserts sound good, too.

One thing you will notice about Richardson is that there are many places to get a burger. You have one of the best picks, so be sure you make it by there if it is a burger you are craving. I also wanted to give you a good Tex Mex pick in case it is that you are craving instead. Tex Mex is always good, and you can get your fill at Fernando’s Mexican Cuisine on State Street. So now you are good to go on possible restaurant choices for your trip to Richardson TX.