How Local Theaters Are Popping Despite Amc Earnings Drop

RICHARDSON, TX – It’s the typical date night: dinner and a movie.

But lately people are getting less screen time, at least at AMC theaters.

Wednesday, the company`s shares took a 25% nose dive after announcing a $178 million to $174 million loss in their second quarter compared to their net earnings of $24 million last year. The third quarter doesn`t look any better.

They claim they`re on track with a decline at the box office across north America.

Some theaters in the DFW area though, are reporting positive numbers, like the Alamo Drafthouse.

“We`ve always been about how can we make this more of an experience,” says James Wallace with the Alamo Drafthouse, “it`s already a special and magical experience to come to the movies.”

And now it’s so important to have more than the movie, popcorn, and soda.

“Oh very important,” says one local, “because these days there`s so many options just from your living room.”

“They also have the drinks and stuff that are really interesting,” says another local, “they have movie centric stuff.”

“A lot of really fun interactive events,” says Wallace, “dance parties, movie feasts where you get to eat a customized menu.”

On top of that he says it`s about variety.

“You kind of have something for everybody, no matter what genre of movie you love.”

And who doesn’t love extra options?

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