Moved To Richardson Texas To Take Care Of My Aunt

My aunt was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She doesn’t have any children to take care of her and she was at the point where my mom considered putting her in a nursing home because she couldn’t take care of her herself. I thought a little about how I could help her out, but I was a distance away and there really wasn’t much I could do except on the weekends.

After thinking long and hard about my aunt going to a nursing home, I knew it would be best for me to quit my job and move back to Richardson Texas to take care of her. I knew I would be able to find a job in the meantime while I was taking care of her. I knew my mom would be happy with my decision because she really didn’t want to put her in a nursing home either.

I called my mom and told her my plans and she said that would help her out so much and she wouldn’t need to feel guilty about my aunt being in a nursing home. I told her I did want to put my 2 weeks notice in at work so I wouldn’t be able to move back to Richardson Texas until after that.

After the 2 weeks was up, I was ready to move back to Richardson Texas to help my mom and aunt. I have been living with my mom ever since and took a job in the evenings so I could take care of my aunt who seems to be doing much better. I am glad I am able to help take care of her at this point in her life and she doesn’t need to go to a nursing home.