Richardson TX Restaurants That Serve Up Some Delicious Food

Part of the Dallas suburbs, Richardson Texas is a great city and place to visit. Are you in Richardson for business? Whatever the reason for your visit, Richardson has the pleasure of showing you its way of life, people, attractions and more. Texas and its people have a certain way of life. You’re going to enjoy yourself in Richardson, and I want to point out a few restaurants you might enjoy while you’re there.

Imagine you have been traveling all day, it’s hot and you want a good meal. How does a delicious burger sound? La Burger is on North Plano Road, and you can get a lamb burger there. I have to be honest and say that I have not had the privilege of trying a lamb burger yet, only a lamb gyro. The lamb burger and curly fries along with a vanilla shake would be straight from the menu highlights for La Burger.

Silver Fox Steakhouse is another popular restaurant. This one makes the list so that while you’re in Richardson, you can grab yourself a nice Texas-sized steak. Located on Shire Boulevard, Silver Fox Steakhouse is also a place where you can get seafood and other delicious food choices. If you are looking for lodging in the area, one reviewer mentions there is a hotel right nearby this restaurant.

Let’s look at one more top establishment in Richardson, TX. Marcus Cafe is my pick, and it is located on Custer Parkway. You’re talking about pizza, tequila shrimp, prime rib and much more. You’re going to get your fill while in Richardson TX if I do say so myself. One place is but on steaks, one is big on burgers and one is big on all of the above. Have a good time seeing what Richardson TX is all about.