What Landlords Are Looking for While Screening Tenants


Quite a few people who may be in search of apartments for rent might have a concern that what their potential landlords would be looking for when they are renting an apartment out to somebody. If you have an adequate idea about the screening criteria of the landlord then it would certainly prove to be helpful for you in deciding whether you should be applying for the lease or not.

Most of the landlords are often concerned regarding the ability of the tenant for paying rent in time month after month. It is preferred by some of the landlords that the tenants have some references which can verify that the person used to pay the rent right on time in their past residence for a minimum of 2 years and that they have income high enough for covering rent as well as the living expenses. In general, the rent must be at most 30% or even less of the monthly income that you have.

There are cases when the landlords may need the copy of one’s credit report as part of the screening process for the apartments in Richardson. This report should indicate the record of the person regarding his debt load as well as the track record in paying off your debts. The landlords may be willing to check the overall credit rating that you may have for determining whether renting their apartment out to you is going to be a risk for them or not.

There are some landlords who might have some special conditions regarding renting out their properties. These conditions may prohibit the renters from smoking inside the rental, prohibit pets, restrict how many adults or children can be there in a rental, etc. Children may be prohibited in some of the rental apartments, however, this may be a violation of the local or state laws for equal housing.

Another significant thing that may be asked by the landlords is list of the references, especially past landlords, but they may also need personal and professional references as well. Normally, they’re in search of the information regarding one’s character and these references help in finding enough information on this.

There are situations, particularly in the upscale communities, where landlords would like to check the current rental apartments that you may be living in and see the way you live, the level of cleanliness being maintained by you, as well as how the property is being taken care of by you.

Lastly, one amongst most significant things being looked for by the landlords while deciding to rent out their apartment to a particular tenant is the previous rental experience of that person. They are interested in knowing that whether you used to pay the rent in time, got along reasonably with the neighbors, took good care of rental property, and the time period for which you might have stayed in your previous apartment. This way, they are able to assess how responsible you are and how you will be treating their property.